Never look at taxes the same again

Santa Barbara Tax Group is a boutique firm with over 22 years of tax experience.  We offer two convenient tax preparation routes to make your return as simple as possible:

1.  Take the economical route by self-preparing your own taxes using our online tax software affiliate

2.  Take advantage of our full service tax preparation and let us find all the credits and deductions to which you are entitled and may overlook if self-preparing your own return. 

Description of the two tax preparation routes:

Self-prepare: If you have a simple tax return and are confident in your ability to enter your information use our online tax preparation software to guide you through your return.  Once completed, your return will be filed electronically.  Get stuck and need advice?  Give us a call or email your question.  Unlike using big name tax preparation software, we offer local support and your fee stays local!  Click here to get started today.

Forms available for self-preparation and prices for 2011 tax year are**:

1040EZ Free
  1040A $19.95
  1040 $39.95
  States $29.95 (one fee provides as many states as needed)
  Extensions Free

You will automatically receive the lowest price option available for your tax situation.

**Did you get really confused when trying to self-prepare?  No problem, just make an appointment to come in and have us prepare your tax return for you.

Full service tax preparation:  Leave everything to us.  When you make an appointment we will send you a questionnaire to fill out and bring along with all of your tax forms and we will do the work.  Most people find that having an accountant or an enrolled agent prepare their returns leads to a larger refund or smaller tax obligation, well worth the additional preparation fee.  If this option sounds right for you call our office at (805) 500-MESA(6372) or email to get started. 

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